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Customer Story 

How enables Zurich UK to settle claims in real-time 

Download the 12-page slide deck to explore how Zurich integrated cutting edge, data-led technology to their existing systems and processes to enable end-to-end property claims automation.


Find out how Zurich UK is automating their claims process 

"Our main goal is to create a better customer experience in claims whilst remaining competitive in the market"


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Helen Rogers

Head Of Claims Digital Experience

Learn how Zurich is:

  • Rising to the challenge faced by many insurers during the claims process and how they are able to provide a better customer experience with automation.
  • Understand the methodology Zurich are using to solving claims in real time, deliver faster settlements and improving their Transactional Net Promoter Score.
  • The results Zurich have achieved from automating their claims process. 
  • What the future holds for the partnership between Zurich and 

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The most intelligent claims automation engine.

Our Al powered technology helps you deliver fast and accurate claims decisions, enabling you to better serve your customers.